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Planning a Party!
Weddings and Birthdays
Tacoma Karaoke Meetup group

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Weddings and Private Parties   

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Planning a party!
Time for kicking around ideas -
1) What's your budget going to be?
2) Who's on your invite list?
3) Where is the party going to be held?
4) Do you have or want a theme?
5) Set your party date and time.
6) Hire your DJ!
7) Get your invitations filled out and mail them.
8) Make your party plan complete, buy or order food and decorations.

There's nothing more fun than singing along at a party, and karaoke was designed with that in mind. Karaoke music is specially recorded versions of songs we all know and love with the main vocal track taken out, and all the backup vocals and music present.

When the song is played the words flash on the screen in time to the music and you can sing along with the song. Anyone who loves to sing can be a star for the evening!

Karaoke makes for a terrific party and even more guest participation, getting everyone involved makes the party fun.

A great Karaoke service, will have Karaoke Hosts who are energetic, fun and play the best mix of music, old and new.
Professional Karaoke hosts create memorable events. Enjoy the party, with your KJ acting as the MC, encouraging your guests to sing, dance, and have a great time. For great karaoke at your next event, contact TigerRose Entertainment.

Don't wait! Dates are filling up fast, get your DJ booked! Entertain your friends, co-workers, and clients with a fun evening of singing and dancing! Contact us today to get more information or to book your party!

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Weddings and Birthday Parties!

Make that special day a lot of fun too!

Wedding receptions are a great time to kick back relax and let it all go, within reason. Karaoke at a wedding reception enhances the bride and grooms special day when friends and family all sing to them or for them.

Birthday Parties are great karaoke parties, everyone can sing, if they so choose. The birthday boy or girl gets to sing as many songs as they want, and singing with your friends is the greatest sing-a-long fun ever! Celebrate and dance the night away!

Contact us today Book your party or reception now!

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Tacoma Karaoke Meetup Group

Meeting other local people who love to sing & karaoke, make friends, relax or dance while enjoying the music. We will all be close enough to hook up on non-meetup nites with mature like minded individuals, should we so choose. Fun first & we'll help each other grow!

Bring your own discs if you have them, or bring a list of the songs you like to sing we'll help you look 'em up and start singing. Check it out, and sign up!

Or Just come and sing or say "Hello.

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